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QinGong wheel loaders provide exactly what you need:durability and reliability from proven technologies and high quality manufacturing. Each of our wheel loaders has been engineered for superior performance.

Backhoe loader
Model Number Bucket Capacity Backhoe Capacity Operation Weight Rated Power
small size
Model Number Bucket Capacity Loading Capacity Operation Weight Rated Power
T939L+Yuchai Turbo/ Cummins Engine1-1.3m32000kg5900kg58/75kw
T936L+Yunnei Turbo Engine0.75-0.95m31800kg5200kg76kw
T933L+Yunnei Engine0.7-0.85m31800kg4600kg55kw
T930L+Yunnei Engine0.7-0.85m31600kg4300kg48kw
T926L+Yunnei Engine0.5-0.7m31000kg3500kg37kw
T915L+Quanchai Engine0.32-0.5m3800kg2800kg24kw
middle size
Model Number Bucket Capacity Operating Weight Loading capacity Rated Power
QG966 + QinGong licensed3.3 – 4.5m317800kg6000kg162 kw
QG956 + Weichai Engine3 m317000kg5000kg162 kw
QG953 + Weichai Engine3 m316300kg5000kg162 kw
QG936 + Cummins Engine1.8-2.2 m310860kg3000kg97kw
QG935 + Yuchai Engine1.5-2.0 m39800kg3000kg92kw
ZL50F + Weichai Engine2.7 m3
ZL50F + QinGong2.7 m3
ZL50F + Cummins Engine2.7 m3
SAM966 + QinGong3.3 m3
SAM966 + Weichai Engine3.3 m3
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